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Frander Elektrim Slip Ring Motor

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The three phase slip ring asynchronous motor is designed to achieve higher starting torque with lower starting current. This is particularly achievable in area where there is limited power supply or when electrical generator is in used instead of main power. It is commonly used in conjunction of starting for various equipments such as stone crusher in the quarrying industries, ID fan for boiler, compressor, pre-breaker machine for the rubber industries, bucket elevator and others rotating machines that require high starting torque with limiting starting current due to circumstances and environmental constrains.

Utility Voltage            : 415V/3ph/50Hz

Coverage                     : 4 – 8 poles, 11kW – 315kW                        


  • Slip Ring Motor For Continuous Duty
  • Comply to IEC Standard
  • Custom Made to Suit Existing Unit Is Available