About Us


Since 1984, Empower Corporation has been operating our business by distributing gear boxes and electric motors to our customers throughout Malaysia. We are the main distributor of gear reducer from Germany. Our company is also the centre assembly of gear reducer.
Our company is the electric motor supplier, gear box supplier and distributor of Flender which is a well known brand for Electrim-electric motor. Being the distributor and centre of assembly in Malaysia for these reputed brand, Empower Corporation is equipped with advanced and innovative machinery and skilled manpower to perform the operations of our business.

We have a large warehouse to store all of our stocks and inventory of electric motor and gear boxes. Besides, our manufacturing and assembly plant is also equipped with technological advanced machinery and tools to perform the activities of assembly that meet with the standards and requirements.

Empower Corporation also manufactures and supplies a wide array of electric motor parts such as explosion proof motor, slip ring motor, 3 phase Induction motor, palm oil gear box, gear reducer, etc. as well as custom made motor.