About Us


Empower Corporation is established in year 1984. With our own production plant and warehouse in Malaysia, we are the stockiest, assembly centre and distributor for a few reputed brands of gear boxes and electric motor.

About Us


Empower Corporation Sdn Bhd was formed since 1984 and has been in the business of distributing gear boxes and electric motors to our customers throughout Malaysia for the past 27 years before the main operation is run by Empower Drives & Automation Sdn Bhd in 2010. We are specialized in this field of distribution of major brand of gear reducer and electric motor based on customer requirements, meanwhile we are also local assembler for our FEM brand of gear reducer. Our assembly center is able to provide assembly, servicing and refurbishing of motor and gear reducer. Our major brand of motor is FEM Motor at it latest series previously named as Frander Elektrim Motor. Being the distributor and centre of assembly in Malaysia, Empower Drives & Automation Sdn Bhd is equipped with advanced and innovative machinery and skilled manpower to perform the operations of our business. We have a large warehouse to store all of our stocks and inventory of electric motor and gear boxes. Empower Drives and Automation Sdn Bhd also supplies a wide array of electric motors such as explosion proof motor, slip ring motor, vibration motor, High Voltage motor as well as custom made motor. We also supplies various type of gear reducer such as helical gear reducer, worm reducer, planetary gear reducer, palm oil equipment gear reducer and also custom made gear reducer.

Our staffs have wide experience in the field to handle problem related to gear reducer and electric motor. We are also supplying and providing solution to motor and gear reducer control system and its associated starting device.


Empower Drives and Automation Sdn Bhd management and administrative team, field engineers and field support staff come from many different backgrounds both culturally and experience wise.

• This diversity can prove to be your biggest asset.
• This mix of cultures and ideas makes Empower Drives and Automation a truly people enriched organization.
• As a team we can provide the skills and experience to ensure all aspects of your project are handled professionally
• Typically our people have a strong background in trade and repair of gear reducer and electric motor services, our team are among the most dedicated and experienced people you can find in the industry.

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